Recording Artist SK-Mode

About SK-Mode

Nigerian American Pembroke Pines Florida based rapper, entrepreneur, developer and designer, SK-Mode, has taken the USA by storm, after waiting so many years to study and master the American hip hop music style, particularly Trap, Drill and R&B Music, transitioning from Afro Music to American Hip Hop music, releasing and deleting up to 2 mixtapes in the USA within 2013 to 2015, just because he believed the tune wasn't perfect yet. With his 2007 album already inducted into the U.S. Library of Congress and catching a buzz around the world, he now believes he has now mastered the U.S. music style and he is now ready to drop major hot U.S. mixtapes and albums. SK is the abbreviation of SK-Mode's native african name which is Somkenechukwu, and the Mode stands for his style of music, and that is what his stage name SK-Mode stands for. It is rumoured that his cousins gave him the stage name SK-Mode.

SK-Mode began his music career back in Nigeria when he was a trouble-some only-son child, so his parents decided to send him away to live with his aunt, on getting to the aunt's house there was already four hot-headed rappers living there (his cousins), SK-Mode tried to blend in and had no choice other than to fit in and learn how to rhyme like the other hot heads otherwise they would make fun of him in rap battles. SK-Mode would be placed in several rhyme contests with his cousins and that was how he got better with playing the game of rhymes and developing lyrics. SK-Mode eventually left the aunt's house after 4 years and went on to release an independed album in 2007 in Nigeria under Modebeats Entertainment now Modebeat Digital Entertainment. The album is causing a buzz till date and the same album eventually got him a ticket and greencard to the USA where he is now a citizen and fully based.

After SK-Mode arrived in the USA in 2009, he shot a music video titled SK-Mode - Chikala (hot like fire) (2010), the video went on to gain tractions and got him nominated for 3 awards at the now-defunct Nigerian Promoters Association (NPA) Texas in 2012, recently SK-Mode announced that he is now ready for the USA music scene and on his linkedIn he released a mixtape tracklist titled 'Attention' scheduled to be released on September 2017, rumours has it that he also plans to release the next mixtape titled 'Attention part 2' in November 2017, music videos, artist & personal websites and many more. SK-Mode is here to stay and he is taking advantage of the void in the Florida based rappers to break into the US nationwide scenes and worldwide scenes. Sk-Mode is currently being managed by his own talent management company Modebeat Digital Entertainment, a Modebeat Digital LLC company.